William Rugen Photography

I want to find a balance between the grace of the visible plant and the mechanics of its growth engine, the roots.  I like the idea that this amazing object could not exist without the inelegant tangle that is just out of sight.  It is a reminder that everything of beauty or value requires a certain amount “ugliness” to come to fruition. [via]

Street Artist Search

Alguém ai sabe o nome de um artista de rua que transforma lixeiras em vasos de flores?
Does anybody knows the name of a street artist who makes flowers bouquets in trash bins?


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DIOR Haute Couture AW 2012

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Pillow for Plants

Almofadas para suas plantas, me apaixonei! [via]




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Diana Scherer

“Diana grew these plants over a period of six months within the tight confines of variously shaped vessels, checking on them periodically to ensure the roots were developing properly. In the end, she removed the vase to reveal its shadow, formed by the intricate lace-like web of roots.” - Surreal!




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